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Our Sponsor Business of the Month
"Cannibal Creek Vineyard"

"Vineyard, Winery, Cellar Door & Restaurant"
Cannibal Creek Winery, a locally owned and operated business, is run by Pat and Kirsten Hardiker. Pat didn't set out to be a winemaker but it's become his life's work. Pat has always worked with his hands, being a builder in Western Australia for many years, and while winemaking is a very different craft, from the very beginning he was drawn to its artisan nature and the hands-on work it required. Kirsten from a hospitality background has enjoyed fine food and wine! One of her main responsibilities is to ensure they remain focused to this end and create wine and food they both would be happy to enjoy! This is reflected on their label with the statement 'One block of vines, one winemaker, one wife with taste, one quality bottle of plonk!' The bar has been set high but we're up to the challenge.
Hand picked single estate
wine made in Gippsland

"We are a small, award winning, single estate Vineyard, family owned and operated.  We work here. We live here. We planted the vines twenty years ago and we still tend them by hand today.

Enjoy a seat at the long jarrah bar, a table on the verandah, sink into a lounge by the fire, or spend a little longer over lunch tasting our range, all of which is grown, picked and made onsite."
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